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“God That Is” ©T. Lessane, June 2011

 God that is equally present in all things and places

And at all times

Except maybe our thoughts

God of the fine line between instinct and free will

Thank you for letting me be me, us be us

Thank you for being patient and rewarding our trust

Thank you for all that is


God of hard truth that hurts

And easy lies that protect

God of running with the wind in your face

God of building friendships with people

From other physical, mental and spiritual places than you


God of the moon’s gravitational pull

God of my heart pumping

My blood flowing

God of all 20 fingers and toes in total being intact

God of sex feeling so damn good

God of the uncertainty, pain and pleasure of love

In all its manifestations

God of temptation and wishing we could

God of making ourselves do what we should


God of pyramids, coliseums and crosses

God of cheering on your team no matter how many losses

God of hieroglyphs and graffiti

God of both helping and freely judging the “needy”

God of the blessing of unexpected conception

And incalculable losses

God of August showers and

Quiet rain on my window pane

God of white sand, dolphins and blue water

God of tsunamis, tornadoes and hurricanes


God of cheating spouses who get caught

And parents who stay together because they

Feel they ought to for the sake of their children

God of not having to pretend to be something you’re not

Of being an individual instead of

Only following what’s hot


God of dark days and bright nights

God of fun with the fellas on big game and fight nights

God of the humble servant and the self-righteous

God of the feeling that I might just

Write a poem at any minute

God of inner light and third-eye sight


God of struggling fathers and tired mothers

God of finding and fixing our flaws

Before we criticize or castigate others

God of forgiveness in heart and mind

Without letting loyalty blind you

God of knowing when to leave certain people behind


God of our sun and its infinite brothers and sisters

God of soil and worms in my hand

And flowers and grass and fresh tomatoes

God of seemingly distant galaxies and black holes

God of pimps, gangstas and wayward souls

God of jumping the broom and

Internationally televised royal weddings

God of laying low in 103 degrees with 80 percent humidity

God of sledding in a foot of freshly fallen snow

And making tightly-packed forts in the park

God of vegetarians in leather

and meat-eaters who can’t stand the sight of blood


God of Sunday preachers

And street corner philosophers

Dispensing wisdom from a can of beer

Or a bottle of vodka

God of priests, pastors and bishops

Succumbing to inner demons

And of otherwise innocent married men in strip clubs

Who get labeled as sinners


God of chains on slave ships

And roots to heal wounds

On slave backs from whip cracks

God of defending the right to

Sag pants and sling sacks

God of shootouts and yoga

2000 year old trees and mega churches

God of the never ending search for truth-

And of politicians


God of the Book of coming forth by day

The Bible, the Torah

And the Baghavad Gita

God of the Quran and of drumming, ritual possession

And other indigenous features

God of food banks and Sunday dinners

With leftovers for days

God of children playing in the street

God of silence and jazz singers

And handclapping and call and response

And be-bop


God of women’s curves and delectable complexities

God of the stubborn strength of men

God of dancing when no one can see you

And smiling through our silent tears

God of fond memories from way back when

God of the promise of tomorrow

God of leaders and followers


God of Denmark Vesey and Nat Turner

God of the “all-American patriotic”

…Confederate flag…

God of the passion for freedom that burns

In each of our souls

No matter the state of consciousness

How high or how low


God of baby’s first steps

And veteran cripples

God of the occasional fleeting feeling

That there is absolutely nothing in the world

Better than what you’re doing right now


God called Jehovah, Oludamare, Nyame, I AM

Brahma, Shiva and Vishnu

Jah, Wakan Taka, Allah, Amma, Amen-Ra, Yahweh

Without you we wouldn’t, couldn’t exist

 let alone make it this far

Trying to do things our way

So again I say


God that is equally present in all things and places

And at all times

Except maybe our thoughts

God of the fine line between instinct and free will

Thank you for letting me be me, us be us

Thank you for being patient and rewarding our trust

Thank you for all that is

Author: aspiringoptimist

Talking about myself is probably my least favorite part about this kind of stuff because I'm a little all over the place. I call the blog "Aspiring Optimist" because I am driven to look on the proverbial bright side, but don't always succeed. Like anyone else, there are things that put a knot in my chest, that wake me up at night like an internal chorus of crickets. But I also believe that if you keep living and trying and working and planning, things have a way of getting better. I love to write, mostly for myself to maintain some semblance of worldly sanity and to work out the kinks. Unless some other people I know who also write, I may occasionally indulge a bad idea or two or three in the privacy of pen and paper so that I can get it out of my head and move on. But I also manage to produce poetry and some short fiction of varying levels of quality. I gravitate toward the esoteric, unusual, nature-ish, ancient history and generally cosmic side of things. I like to know a little about everything, but could do much better about knowing a lot about a few things...I probably would be a lot wealthier if I did. I love God, my family, and the ideas of freedom, equality, and peace. And I guess I don't hate talking about myself nearly as much as I thought I did.

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