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Tale of Two Cities

I’ve had this blog, which I started as a way to get some thoughts captured regardless of who actually read it, since 2011. I haven’t used it much primarily because I have been more active on Facebook, but I had some thoughts that are better served here than as a long-a** post.

I just came back from a week-long vacation visiting family of all sorts in New York City. And it struck on Day 4 (Saturday) that I really was HOME. I haven’t lived in NYC full-time since I graduated from HS in 1988, but that place, particularly Brooklyn, is embedded in my spiritual DNA. I have lived in Charleston, SC for over four years, and I enjoy it, but I did not feel like I was “away from home.” I lived in Chicago for 10 years but for whatever reason (s), it never really grabbed me, so it’s not about how much time you spend in a place. And I realized when I was about to board JetBlue this afternoon that I was indeed “leaving home to go home.”

Home is where you are comfortable; where you are free to be yourself, where you don’t need to think much (if at all) about how you fit in. Where you feel like a part of your surroundings rather than an attachment to something else or having to second-guess at every turn. Home is where you are CONFIDENT in your own value and abilities, where your worth and connections are affirmed. Home is, in many ways, determined by where your SOUL feels alive. So while it feels good to be home, I look forward to going home again as soon as possible.